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Written by Noelle McMahon


With all the exciting new changes in the cafeteria––especially the soft-serve ice-cream machine––the food quality at Ave Maria is certainly looking up. But what about those days when you really do not feel like going to the cafeteria? With those times in mind, the Gyrene Gazette has interviewed students from every corner of Ave––Resident Assistants, tutors, upperclassmen––and voted for the best dorm dinners.

One student found a way to make enchiladas... are quesadillas next? Stock photo from

One student found a way to make enchiladas… are quesadillas next? Stock photo from

In our interviews, we discovered that the best home-like meal on campus is chicken enchiladas, made in a crockpot by one creative student. This tantalizing dish with creamy, succulent chicken contrasted with the sudden, searing blast of pain from the chili peppers is an excellent substitute for any cafeteria meal, even on Taco Tuesday.
For the most delicious meal, instant chocolate oatmeal. Who could have thought of this perfect combination of dinner and dessert? The solid oatmeal, staple of many healthy breakfasts, is transformed, as if by magic, into a sweet, creamy heaven for chocolate lovers. And who wouldn’t choose to have chocolate for dinner?

For the healthiest meal: peanut butter on various bases, including apples, crackers, or, if none of these are available, a good old-fashioned spoon.
For the most bizarre meal: the mixture of coffee, cookies, and tobacco. This last meal is perfect for the sleep-deprived, as it supplies both alertness and energy through the provision of caffeine and sugar. The added benefit that tobacco provides to this mixture is undetermined, as it was not taste-tested with the rest of this meal. However, this combination apparently satisfies the interviewees.

What is your go-to dorm meal? Do you have any microwave recipes that get you through the school year? Send your experiences to


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