The Next Generation of Gen-Fem

By Mariana Kerwin | Staff Writer


The Genuine Feminine club was excited to hold its first monthly “Beauty-In-And-Out” meeting on Sunday, September 27. The topic was “Being the Woman You Want to Become.” A range of girls from freshmen to alumnae were present. The meeting began with coffee, refreshments, and socializing. Noelle McMahon and Anna Kunza began the “Beauty-In” portion with a discussion of readings from Edith Stein and Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the beauty of woman and the perfection we strive for. Then, for the “Beauty-Out” portion, short talks were presented on outward beauty. Erin Rooney did a presentation on dressing well, I spoke about posture and carrying yourself, and Marisa Helms gave a talk on speaking properly. Many freshmen attended the Beauty-In-And-Out, and expressed their interest in knowing more about Genuine Feminine.

Emily Swope talks about the importance of fitness at the recent Gen-Fem meeting.

Senior and Gen-Fem veteran Emily Swope talks about the importance of fitness to a group of girls at the recent meeting.

Genuine Feminine gives off a joyful vibe which keeps attracting more and more people. These like-minded girls continue to keep the core beliefs of Genuine Feminine alive, and pass those beliefs to the next class of girls. By discovering more about the beauty of their womanhood, girls can develop life-long friendships strongly based on faith, dignity, and femininity. Genuine Feminine has been a part of the Ave Maria community for more than five years. A group of freshman women came together in 2009 to discuss the true meaning of femininity in today’s culture, and what it means to be a woman. The idea grew, and spread, and the club was born.

One of the most important factors in Genuine Feminine is the annual conference, held at the beginning of the spring semester. An overarching topic related to womanhood is chosen, and students, faculty, speakers, and panelists are invited to attend. The most recent topic was Women and Art. Speakers are chosen for their knowledge of or proximity to the chosen topic, and often include several of the female professors of Ave Maria University. Genuine Feminine also holds monthly Beauty-In-And-Outs. These meetings combine spiritual, philosophical, or biblical readings with a discussion of outward beauty, such as a makeup tutorial. The Beauty-In-And-Outs will relate to, and lead up to, the conference, which is the main event of the year.

IMG_1514Genuine Feminine strives not only to find the definition of femininity, but to exude that definition to all students. The members do not simply want to discuss these topics, but to apply them to their everyday life. It is plain to see that the definition of womanhood has been effectively passed down through the club when you see the founders, all of whom have graduated and are very successful women who radiate graceful femininity in all that they do. The team this year consists of the next generation: sophomore, junior, and senior girls, including sophomore Catie Crnkovich, the conference director, and sophomore Marisa Helms, the Beauty-In-And-Out director. We are excited to see what Genuine Feminine will accomplish this year!

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